sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2016

3D Coat experimentation

Trying out a new workflow (taught by Jama Jurabaev on Learn Squared) in terms of creating rough 3D sketches to use as a base for painting. Had to use Cycles instead of Keyshot for rendering, though, which slowed down the process a bit. 

Basically what I did here was that I painted height maps in Photoshop, brought them to 3D-Coat (a voxel-based software), used the height maps as stencils that I extruded from a simple rectangle, exported that mesh as .obj and brought it to Blender. Rendered it with Cycles, and made color and filter tweaks in Photoshop afterwards. It's an interesting workflow that I will most def take advantage of later on. Height map creation is very fast in Photoshop, too, as you can use the brush options to array and randomize the arrangement of the individual few buildings' maps that you've painted. I've got to focus more on making the buildings' shapes more unique, though...

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