maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2015


WIP. I used some black & white photos from Google to establish a base for the architectural elements, they'll eventually change to something else. (The roofs on the left are really just enlargened trash containers, by the way.)

Some things have clicked for me while painting this one. For one thing, I've previously gotten pretty frustrated when it has been time to paint people in a scene. I've often started scribbling aimlessly away with a rough, large brush, which has quickly lead to a cycle of frustration. Nowadays I carefully and sharply define the silhouettes with a basic hard and round brush, inside which I then flatly plot the approximate local color of the subject – with respect to the prevailing lighting condition. This approach seems to lend itself to an animation film look in the beginning steps, but of course the sharp silhouettes and the like will be dealt with in later stages.

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