tiistai 25. maaliskuuta 2014

Things and thoughts

Recently I decided to re-evaluate which direction I want to go to during the following few years, and I've begun to set inspiring goals for myself. This has led me to think more thoroughly about what I want my portfolio to be like. I think I eventually want to steer towards a bit more "serious" themes while also maintaining a certain degree of lightness and playfulness to the style. I want to paint worlds that have deeper roots in what things actually are and look like in the world we live in, worlds and things that have substance in and out. It's challenging to put into words in its entirety... I guess I'll just have to feel it out and see what things actually feel best for me, and to also observe what kinds of painting reflect what I want to be like as a person. It's interesting to see what this transition will look like in my paintings in terms of form language etc.

All in all, I feel these are good times, and it's interesting to see where the daily growth will eventually take me!

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