lauantai 6. huhtikuuta 2013

Things and stuff

Some pretty unfinished stuff... I should keep posting things even if I don't have a lot of finished paintings to show, and keep up the flow of creation, ideas and growth. I have to study the paintings of old masters such as Sargent to get a "finished" quality into my work - right now I tend to focus on my subjects too literally and cleanly, which damages the big picture. I've got to focus on implying things more abstractly, try out different brushes more and give more of my attention to the purely abstract composition of the picture.

Also I guess I gotta start taking  my blog posting way less seriously, and concentrate on playfully growing and learning through sharing my mistakes, successes and thoughts :)

Right now I'm applying to another school (Aalto University: School of Arts, Design and Architecture) to study Industrial Design. Wish me luck!

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