keskiviikko 27. kesäkuuta 2012


Here's the painting process of the previous environment painting. I first started sketching in b/w, and eventually came up with a composition that had a focus that just felt right to me.

After some compositional adjustments I blocked in the first layer of color.

Next, I created some shadows on the ground cast by clouds up in the sky, choosing a relatively cool hue. Two sources of light: the warm sun and the cool, blue sky. As the clouds block the light coming from the warm sun, the shadows are only receiving light from the relatively cool sky. I created the shadows by using a multiply layer. In step 5, I added some punch to the coolness of the planes that are facing directly up.

Generally, I used a lot less detail in the shadow areas than in the more brightly illuminated areas. Remember, it's not about just painting what there is - it's about capturing the way the human eye would see it.

In the last step I duplicated each layer, and merged the duplicates into one layer, hiding away the original layers. I finished the image by painting only on this one layer - simplicity is key. I kept adjusting the image while keeping in mind not to disturb the subtle balance of contrasts and focus within the picture.

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